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Anacortes Window Cleaning

"Everyone's entitled to their own view"
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     The first thing you need to know about us is that we truely enjoy what we do, and understand that it's really all about you.
            You are our livlihood and we will strive for no less than complete satisfaction.
     That being said, and us being only human, there may be the rare occasion where we miss something. Maybe a small side window just around the corner or in a walk-in closet. If this
ever occurs let us know, and we will return promptly to resolve any issues.
     If you ever feel that our workmanship simply isn't the highest level possible, and that our
efforts to correct any possible problem haven't resulted in 100% satisfactory improvements,
you don't pay!
                                                          You have our word!


     Establishing his Window Cleaning business in 2005,                     
James has completed Industry Certified Safety Training
through the International Window Cleaners Association 
(IWCoA).  As a member of the Window Cleaning Resource Association (WCRA) he strives to be on the cutting edge of technology and a new era of window cleaning products.  He 
is also the only Washington State member of the International Association of  Luxury Residential Cleaning Contractors (IALRCC) and is insured for no less than 2 million general liability insurance.

      Basically, I'm a hard-core window cleaning geek that uses superior quality, environmentaly friendly cleaning solutions and am proficient in the latest window cleaning techniques and safety procedures.  Even though these are all window cleaning credentials rest assured.  I take the same know-it-all approach to providing a professional Gutter Cleaning & Moss Treatment experience.

                                          One of our younglings' in training.

                                              Martha at a New Orleans Window Cleaning Conference, 2013 
                                                       Held at the historical Beauregaud-Keyes House
"After James has been here my windows magically disappear and my whole view is brighter.
The clean windows are terrific, but what ALWAYS (season after season) impresses me the
most is the great care, prompt, friendly, personable service and attention to detail.
I'd highly recommend James to any and all!!"
Sarah Winston


                                        Anacortes Window Cleaning is a local, family owned business
                        Pictured above are Martha and our three children, Amelie, Tuscan and Cyprus.
                                                            Pictured below are James and the boys. 


Interesting facts:
~ James' Great Great Grandfather was one of the first to summit Mt. Baker.
The year was 1898.
James summited in 1998, and again with his mother in 2008

~ Countries visited: Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, Morocco, France,
Singapore and of course Canada

~ Martha grew up on Guemes Island. Her self sufficient childhood included
the company of goats and chickens. Her parents bought their house and
property from none other than James' mother's uncle.
Small world.

~ James and his mother owned and operated a little cafe in old town
Anacortes for 5 years. The name: Star Bar Cafe
Martha was one of our star employees.

~ James enjoys building and banging on drums. He's also learning to
play the bouzouki, which is an Irish style mandolin. He has performed
up and down the west coast and in many local and regional festivals.


  "Having James clean my windows, quite literally, brightens my day! He is always punctual, courteous and conscientious - a pleasure to have in my home. The windows are cleaned quietly and efficiently.
I love doing business with dependable people!"
Harriet Hoffman