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     Welcome to the home of Fidalgo Home Watch. Our home watch services are designed with one thing in mind… To make your time away from home as worry-free as possible! Not only will we provide you with a thorough and reliable home watch service, but we’re also on call to handle any needs that may arise in your absence.
Fidalgo Home watch is designed to fit the customized needs of our clients. Simply pick the service package that is right for you and let us know of any additional needs.
Fidalgo Home Watch

“Deception Pass”

Service Package

(for houses up to 4000 sf)

Weekly Service: $125 per month Best Value at $14 OFF

Every 10 days Service: $99 per month

Bi-Weekly Service: $69 per month

This is our exterior home watch package. As the name implies this service is

designed to give any passerby the impression that your home is maintained and

occupied. Having us regularly monitor your home’s exterior while you’re away

can minimize any issues that may arise.

~Our Exterior Home Watch Services include~

  • Check exterior perimeter of house for any signs of damage.
                  (water damage, fallen debris, pests, etc.)
  • Check roof areas for any fallen debris and wasp nests.

Note: This is a visual inspection from the ground. Some areas may not be visible.
If you’d like a more complete roof inspection check our optional services

  • Check that all doors, windows & screens are secure and show no signs of forced entry.
  • Check front entry for packages, leaflets, phone books, etc. Remove if present.
  • Take out & collect trash or recycle bins from curbside if necessary.
  • Check that contracted lawn maintenance services are being performed.
  • Visually check lawn & landscape for dry or extremely wet areas.

                   (Wet areas can be a sign of a broken water line)

  • Check that all outside faucets are secure and not leaking.

~Optional Services for our “Deception Pass” package include~

  • Maintain bird baths & outdoor feeders (hummingbird & seed).
  • Feed Coi & maintain outdoor water features.
  • Water outside plants.
  • Check irrigation system, make adjustments & fix minor issues
  • Up close roof inspection (If sections of your roof aren’t visable from the grounds and you’d like a more thorough check this option is for you)
  • Clean & maintain gutters

We’re insured for this!

~If you don’t see it listed, please ask. Special requests welcome~

                         We’ll blow off your front drive & entry for FREE with any homewatch package!

“I appreciate the opportunity to highly recommend James Harper.
He is the first workman I’ve hired that is completely honest, hard working,
thorough in all that he does, and is very accomodating to all of my requests.
I hope you have the good fortune to hire him.”
Claire Zimmerman
Fidalgo Home Watch


Service Package

(for houses up to 4000 sf)

Weekly Service: $149 per month Best Value at $49 OFF

Every 10 Days Service: $129 per month

Bi-weekly Service: $99 per month

Our “Sound” home watch service package includes everything listed in our

“Deception Pass” package and also includes a thorough interior home check.

~Everything in our “Deception Pass” package plus~

  • Check that alarm system is set and functioning properly
  • Check overall interior condition for any signs of trespassing or damage
  • Run inside faucets & toilets to replensih resevoir, look for signs of leaking
  • Check that refridgeration units are working properly & check for leaks
  • Check that all windows are locked
  • Check for any unusual smells
  • Check that thermostat is properly set
  • Check that timer-activated lights are set and working
  • Check that smoke detectors are working

We’ll blow off your front drive and entry for FREE with any homewatch service!

“We used Fidalgo Home Watch during our absence this winter. What a relief to know our home was in such good hands!
We returned to a well kept, secure home and never worried about it while we were gone.”
                                                                                                                                                      Mark & Penny M.
                                                                                                                                                Anacortes, WA
Personal Errand Services offered by

Fidalgo Home Watch

Let us handle any or all of your household & personal

needs while you enjoy your vacation worry-free!

~Services may include~

  • Care for your feline friend

(replinish food & water, change cat litter, give affection to)

  • Transport & pick-up pets from boarder
  • Water plants (indoor and out)
  • Maintain bird baths & feeders
  • Collect mail (sort, forward, mail bills, etc.)
  • Check answering machine & relay any important messages
  • Start & idle vehicles for 15 – 20 minutes to keep battery charged
  • Grocery shopping, stock essentials for your return home
  • Transport to and from airport (using your vehicle)
  • Supervise any of your homes contracted needs

(carpet cleaner, house keeper, landscaper, etc.)

  • Personal errands

(dry cleaners, post office, pick up perscriptions, service vehicle, etc.)


Hello Winter Extreme!

I’m not usually a fan of King 5’s tradition of naming storms. This is because they (weather systems) rarely live up to the hype. With school cancelled all week I’ll make an exception, and point out some of the advantages of having Fidalgo Home Watch keep an eye on your home during these chilly days of winter.

The first advantage of having Fidalgo Home Watch visit your house during periods of snow is to lay down some tracks around your home. Tire tracks and footprints in the snow will give any passerby the impression that your house is occupied. Nothing like pristine snow blanketing your driveway to tell everyone around that you’re not home.

The second advantage to having Fidalgo Home Watch do an exterior home check is we often notice signs of pests that would otherwise be very hard to detect. While making my rounds this week it was easy to pinpoint the areas of rodent activity. In one case it was the back corner of the house and it was easy to follow the well-worn path from the compost pile to the homes foundation. We take detailed notes of any pests that are detected so that the home-owner can take the necessary steps to eliminate the problem efficiently.

Sustained freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on your homes water lines, and having Fidalgo Home Watch do a follow-up home check soon after the freezing subsides will help resolve any weather related issues that may arise.

Well, that’s all for now. Remember, having Fidalgo Home Watch care for your home in your absence can significantly reduce your stress and lead to increased enjoyment during your time away.

~James Harper w/ Fidalgo Home Watch~

Serving the Anacortes, Guemes & North Whidbey Island


High Winds a Howlin!

The wind is really howling today, gusting around 50 mph or more! In the Pacific Northwest, and especially on our wonderfully wooded island, this is probably the biggest threat to our unguarded home. For most of my clients the possibility of a branch or even a tree falling on their home is a very clear and present danger. Even a branch with a 1″ diameter can puncture your asphalt shingle or crack a cedar shake and roof tile. In the unlikely event that it rains here in the northwest this can lead to significant water damage if left unnoticed.

Tree branches aren’t the only source of possible mayhem. High winds can bind and tear asphalt shingles and with roof tiles actually create a chattering effect that crack off corners or split them right down the middle. If your garage door isn’t reinforced there is also the possibility of the wind pushing it in off it’s track. Que some sideways rain into the mix and you could have some real water damage to deal with.

In the very least high winds can make a real mess of your lawn and driveway, strewing about anything not securely anchored. During a windstorm a couple of months ago my wife and I awoke to a huge crashing sound outside. Turns out the netted enclosure on our 12ft trampoline has the same wind catching properties as a sail, and sail it did. We found it on top of our 6 ft fence! It’s safe to say I have it tethered safely to a tree now. High velocity winds can just about turn anything into a destructive missile. Patio furniture, BBQs, your neighbors Yorkshire Terrier, you name it.

The video below shows a quick example of how a small branch can puncture an asphalt shingle roof. I apologize in advance for the poor audio and presentation by myself. However, it is a good example of what Fidalgo Home Watch offers as a service. While we can’t prevent a tree or large branch from falling on your house, we can identify most damage and work with the homeowner to address the issue before it becomes a bigger problem. Coincidentally I ran across this damaged roof a day after writing about this topic.

Before leaving on a trip take a good look around the exterior of your home. Assuming Murphey’s Law applies to you, make sure that everything is either properly secured or stored for the duration of your trip. This may include patio furniture, BBQ, garbage cans and recycle bins. Also take a good look at any surrounding trees. Three-fourths of the damage that trees incur during severe weather (snow, wind, rain saturated ground, etc.) is preventable. Having a professional arborist identify any wounds, decay, structural defects and severed roots can greatly reduce the risk of damage to your home.

If your house looks a mess after a system passes through this could give the impression that the home is un-occupied. If you are away for a period of time it would be a good idea to have someone on stand-by to check on your house in the event of high winds.

In addition to our regular service, Fidalgo Home Watch will contact you via e-mail or phone in the event of severe weather. We can provide a pre-storm check to make sure everything is secure and a post-storm check to identify any severe-weather problems that might arise. If problems are identified we photo document and will contact you immediately if repairs are needed.

~James Harper w/ Fidalgo Home Watch~

Serving Anacortes, Guemes & North Whidbey Island

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