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You get to choose a cleaning package that fits your needs and budget.
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Regular inside window cleaning can benefit you health by removing dust, soot and mildew buildup from the inside of your homes glass surfaces.

While inside, drop cloths and shoe covers are used to protect your floor and furniture. Our low fragrance, plant based solution is designed specifically for cleaning glass. Our solution has a neutral pH, contains no ammonia or phosphate and will not harm film.

Regular outside window cleaning can protect the quality and extend the life of your windows by removing abrasive or corrosive substances such as dirt and oxidation before accumulation can cause permanent damage to the glass.

While outside, we are careful around your plants, irrigation system, landscape lighting and use ladder ends and stabilizers to protect your homes siding and gutter lines from damage.

Anacortes Window Cleaning has been cleaning our windows (Gutters too) for the past 3 years and we heartily recommend his services. When James is working, he’s almost invisible. He is a true professional and our windows look great to boot.

Blake Thomson, Anacortes

I appreciate the opportunity to highly recommend James Harper. He is the first workman I have hired who is completely honest, hard working, thorough in all that he does, and is very accommodating to all of my requests. I hope that you have the good fortune to hire him.

Claire Zimmerman, Anacortes
Ancortes Window Cleaning

Even the owls are surprised by our level of workmanship!

Martha “The Screen Queen” Harper hard at work!

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